Achieve a Healthy, Long-Lasting Smile With Dental Implants

Living with missing teeth can hurt your confidence, hinder your day-to-day activities, and negatively impact your overall health. At Sweet Hart Dental, we believe you shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to smile restoration. Even patients who’ve experienced extensive tooth loss can enjoy a smile that’s healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting with dental implantsPembroke Pines implant dentist Dr. Darlene Hart offers dental implant solutions to patients who want the most out of their smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are restorations that replace an entire tooth from root to crown. They’re composed of three separate parts:

  1. The implant post is the surgically secured foundation of the restoration. Typically, these posts are made of titanium. 
  2. The abutment piece connects the custom restoration to the implant post.
  3. The restoration replaces and imitates the lost tooth or teeth. We offer multiple implant solutions, ranging from dental crowns to replace singular teeth, to dental bridges for a few adjacent teeth, or dentures for a full arch replacement.

ImplantsBenefits of Dental Implants

What makes dental implants the gold standard of tooth replacements? Dental implants offer a wide array of superior benefits over non-implant options. Not only do they improve your smile, but also your oral and overall health! 

Some of the many benefits of implant dentistry include the following:

Longevity — Dental implants can last twenty years to a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and regular dental exams. 

Natural-Looking — Your dental implant restorations will be custom-made to blend seamlessly with your natural smile. 

Stability — Thanks to osseointegration, implant posts naturally fuse to your jawbone, keeping your restorations stable. 

Restored Bite — Dental implants almost completely restore your original bite force, helping you digest food and preventing problems like nutritional deficit and type 2 diabetes.  

Regenerates Jawbone Density — Your implants stimulate the jawbone, helping to prevent loss of bone density (resorption) and rebuilding the jawbone in the future.

Biocompatibility — Dental implants are made with materials that the body can readily accept.

Stain & Decay Resistance — Dental implants and dental implant restorations are resistant to staining and decay, so your smile looks beautiful for much longer. 

Versatile — Dental implant restorations come in many forms including crowns, bridges, dentures, and full dental arches. 

Improved Oral Health — Dental implants help prevent many tooth-loss-related health issues including inflammation, misalignment, and periodontal disease.  

Prevents Premature Wrinkles — Dental implants support the muscles in your face and jaw, preventing sagging and premature aging.


Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our patients choose dental implants for a variety of reasons. You’re likely a candidate for dental implants if:

You’re looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss

You want to enjoy your favorite foods with ease

You want the most natural tooth replacement option

You want to stabilize and protect your natural teeth and jaw

The Dental Implant Process

The first step to achieving a stunning new smile is scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Hart. During this visit, she’ll examine your oral health, take digital X-rays, review your medical history, and help you decide whether implants are right for you. 

Your initial consultation is a good time to ask our dentist any questions you may have. If you’re feeling nervous about any part of the process, your implant provider can offer sedation dentistry options. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hart will also determine if you need a supplemental procedure before proceeding. 

You may require a supplemental procedure to qualify for dental implants if your jaw isn’t dense enough. Losing teeth weakens your jawbone over time, but supplemental treatments like bone grafting can provide the support you need and give your implant a better chance of success. 

After you’ve undergone any necessary procedures, and you’ve been approved for dental implants, we’ll begin by taking images and impressions of your smile with advanced CBCT technology. These detailed images will be used as blueprints by dental technicians who will craft your custom-made dental implants.

Before your implant placement surgery, we’ll make sure you’re numb to any pain by applying a local anesthetic to the soft tissues around the future implant site. Then, your dentist will make small incisions into the gums and surgically place the implants into your jaw, where they will fuse to the bone through the natural osseointegration process. 

The healing process can take anywhere from three to six months. Once healed, you’ll return to Dr. Hart’s Peambroke Pines Dental office, where she’ll securely attach your customized restoration to the implant fixture, ensuring excellent durability and comfort.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants may be the right solution for you if:

Dr. Hart is Proud to Offer Innovative Dental Implants


You Want a Long-Lasting, Beautiful Smile

Do you have one or more missing teeth that you want to replace? Dental implants are made of strong titanium and porcelain materials, making them both durable and natural-looking. They can be used to replace one or more teeth or even a full arch.

Implants will transform your smile by making it look full and complete. Since they look like your natural teeth, no one will be able to tell the difference. And if taken care of properly, your dental implants can last you a lifetime.

You Want to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Missing teeth can cause you to be self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. You may even hide your mouth or avoid social situations due to the way your teeth look. With dental implants, you’ll have the confidence to smile with pride.

This restoration will likely boost your confidence, resulting in new and improved relationships.

CandidateYou Want the Freedom Over Your Life

Your mouth plays a big role in your everyday functions, so an incomplete smile makes it harder for you to live life comfortably. Your teeth are essential for pronouncing words, so missing teeth can alter the way you speak. They may also affect your ability to chew, limiting the foods you can eat.

Are you ready to gain control over your smile? Are you ready to speak clearly and eat all your favorite foods? You may be a candidate for dental implants.

It’s time to talk to new people. It’s time to enjoy eating in public again. It’s time to take control of your life.

You Want to Protect Your Health

Each of your teeth has a strategic location in your jawbone. So when one is missing, it can cause your remaining teeth to shift out of position. This can irritate your gums and make you more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease.

Dental implants eliminate all these issues and they also stimulate healthy jawbone growth, something no other restoration can do.

If you want to restore your dental health and prevent gum disease, dental implants may be the perfect solution for your smile. They’re attached directly to your jaw, so they’ll encourage healthy bone growth and keep bacteria off of your gums if they’re cleaned thoroughly.

Start to feel like your old self with our customized dental implants. Not only will you be able to eat all your favorite foods again and enjoy some of the best oral health of your life, but also your selfies are going to look better than ever! 

CandidateThere's simply no overstating the advantages of our modern implants. Dental implants support your jawbone and recreate your smile so perfectly that you’ll forget you lost any teeth at all. Your local implant dentist will remain by your side throughout each distinct phase of the implantation process, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

We invite you to call Dr. Hart at (954) 799-4992 to schedule a preliminary consultation. You can also fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly. Sweet Hart Dental has assisted patients throughout Pembroke Pines and surrounding communities such as Hollywood, Davie, and Miramar, FL for many years. We look forward to assisting you!

One of the main benefits of dental implants is that they can last a lifetime with proper care. To improve the longevity of your dental implants, you’ll want to schedule biannual professional cleanings and checkups at our dental office so we can ensure your gums and teeth are in the best of health.

In addition to scheduling regular appointments at our office, you’ll want to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. You must take extra care to ensure you don’t have any plaque buildup on your teeth, especially near the gum line. You’ll also want to avoid smoking and address teeth grinding, if necessary.

With good oral hygiene, dental implants are a lifelong solution to permanent tooth loss. If you and your implant dentist decide it’s necessary, a supplemental procedure to support your jaw can also extend the life of your implant solutions.

Dental implants are a safe and effective solution to tooth loss. We’ll do everything possible to ensure our patients feel comfortable and cared for during every part of their procedures. We’ll use anesthetic as needed before implant surgery. With sedation options, we ensure you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Caring for your dental implants is important and requires the same type of care as natural teeth. Although implants are resistant to decay, be sure to floss and brush your teeth every day to protect your oral hygiene. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hart every six months for regular check-ups and cleanings will also help ensure your implants will last a lifetime.

Many insurance plans don’t completely cover the cost of dental implants because the procedure is considered cosmetic. However, we recommend contacting your insurance provider ahead of time to get a better understanding of your coverage. Our office is committed to working with you to find a payment plan that works for you, so you can receive the dental care you need.

No — you’ll be numb throughout the procedure and won’t feel a thing. While you may experience some soreness during the healing process, any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and a cold compress to decrease swelling.

Most patients report very little discomfort during the procedure and only feel a slight pressure during the surgery.

Typically, the total cost of a dental implant is about $5,000. However, the price varies depending on your specific needs and the details of the surgery. Most insurance companies categorize the surgery as cosmetic, though they may cover a portion of the expenses. We suggest contacting your provider prior to your appointment to answer any questions about your specific coverage.

While dental implants may cost more upfront, you’ll require fewer restoration procedures over time, resulting in fewer trips to the dentist and more money in your pocket.

Dental implants not only look like your natural teeth, they function like them too. You can bite into an apple or any other food with your dental implants. You won’t have to refrain from eating your favorite foods or worry about dental implants becoming loose. They’re a permanent tooth replacement option, meaning they’re more durable than a bridge or dentures.

For the first week or two following surgery, you’ll want to avoid apples, popcorn, nuts, potato chips, crusty bread, steak, and any other foods that may delay the healing process. In addition to any recommendations by your dentist, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines to ensure optimal results, including:

  • Avoid drinking through a straw
  • Avoid excessively hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid acidic and sugary beverages